Smothers Brothers (Upcoming)

by The Greater Numbers

(free) 04:48


released June 6, 2006



all rights reserved
Track Name: Summer In the City
Nasty Nug:
summer in the city
weather's feelin pretty
west palm beach, yeah believe me it ain't shitty
funk vibes strollin through the streets and clouds
to the land of the sand, no kooks allowed, feel me
yeah we comin from a different extension
a brobrah journey to a sonic dimension
directions please
i'm searchin for the story of the seas
trees blow you up, now they got you on your knees
damn, pick yourself up off the ground
one thing it is to see but it ain't shit without sound
so please cop a pound of my dankest
so i can stick you up in the ally
i will leave you with my thankest of thank yous
good news
you'll make it
don't forget your word cause i'll be back if you break it
wake up
best start movin with the beat cause shit gets a little crazy in that summertime heat

Wang Tchung:
livin in a
hot town, summer in the city
west palm beach, one above five sixty.
we got the heat index to catch wreck
in and outta cars in a quarter of a sec and
i bet that i could fry green eggs on the side of the road
but fuck that, man i'd rather stay home.
above that i would get strapped with a snorkel and a mask
not much of a task, don't even ask
after blue sky hesitate to dry
who's the new guy
father of the day is ready to die, son,
not by gun, but by axis of rotation
change the station if you choose but with the
heat i don't blame anyone for gettin confused dude
(when these words come out, it sounds so dope)
and if you don't know by now, then you're slow.

yes yes yall
greater numbers kickin it fresh
somethin that you've come to expect
especially because we three mc's co-match-n-nect
with a sound so def, you'd be better of dead
but enough about that
see all i'm tryin to know is where the party at
and can i bring a sack?
back with a vengeance
those that don't roll won't mention
the unspeakable trifector
dope lectures
oh yes, we comin with that undeniable progress
so please peep the message
those that don't know won't get it
the greater numbers crew prophetic.
hotter than a comet or a bomb in the middle of the town
everybody burn it down, listen to the crispin 'n
you're wishin that you didn't mix in with the kids
that scissor kicked you with the shit that makes you sick
yes, isn't it delicious
dig the heavy funk
summertime skunk nuggets open up the trunk
feel the fire
here to take you higher.